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Alexander Hutchison Sr. came to Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  
He m. ?

Children were:  
   i. Alexander White  b. 28, Dec. 1820 d. 10 Dec. 1876
      He m. ca. 1845 to  Sarah Stoops
  ii. Polly m. John SHROYER
 iii. Thomas m. Margeret VANDERLIN
  iv. Robert m. Miss SEATON
   v. John m. Miss VANDERLIN
  vi. Margaret m. Bernard McENALLEN
 vii. Eliza m. James McENALLEN
viii. Isabella m. Robert DUNLAP
  ix.  Lucinda m. William G. SMITH

Alexander White HUTCHISON and Sarah STOOPS

Sarah Stoops was the daughter of Philip
Stoops and Elizabeth Vanderlin, daughter 
of John Vanderlin (son of Nicholas 
Vanderlin of Holland) and Elizabeth KIMES.
She was the granddaughter of William Stoops 
and Mary Ann BROWN.  

   i.  William J. b. 25, November 1851
  ii.  William Miles b. 1857  m. Elizabeth Addine HENON
 iii.  Laura H. b. 1859 Cherry Township
  iv.  Zillena "Lena" 
       b. abt. 1865 m. Mr. WINSLOW
   v.  Louisa b. 1854 m. Mr. WASSON
  vi.  James M. b. 27, June 1847
 vii.  Emma b. 1863 m. Mr. THOMPSON
viii.  Elizabeth  b. 27, September 1850
  ix.  Sarah A. b. 1861 Cherry Township m. Isaac 
       Newton HILLIARD
   x.  Sabina b. 1856

William Miles (of Cherry Township) and 
Elizabeth Addine HENON (of Washington Township, 
Annandale, Butler County, PA) married 5, 
March 1885  at North Washington by Reverend 
James A. HUME.  William died 19 Dec. 1906 of a 
cerebral hemorrage. She died 18, November 1897 
in Annandale, Butler County, PA.  They lived on 
highway 308.  The house is still standing.   

Elizabeth Addine HENON was the possible daughter 
of Thomas H. Henon (a stonemason) and Vienna C. 
(or Anna/Anvia C.; (Ann Vienna?)) Hilliard 
(daughter of John M. Hilliard and Elizabeth SHIRA).  
She was the possible granddaughter of Thomas M. Henon 
(a stonemason)and Hannah Johnson of Shenango 
township,PA. She was the gt-granddaughter 
Thomas HENNON (1714-1814) and Margaret MORROW.  
She was the gt-gt granddaughter of Abel (of Ireland 
and settled in Wayne Township, Lawrence County,
 PA d. 1826) and Margery -- HENNON. 

NOTE: Elizabeth's father might have actually been of 
Cherokee descent. Clues to why: 1. My grandmother 
said that she was 1/4 Cherokee. 2.  On Elizabeth's 
marriage certificate, it shows that she put her 
mother's maiden name, Hilliard, which means her mother
might have had her out of wedlock. 3. Thomas Henon 
would have been about thirteen years old if he was 
the father, while Vienna C. was seventeen when she 
had Elizabeth.  

  i. Gertrude Maude b. 29, March 1887 m. 30, 
     June 1921 Eugene Ray BURNETT
 ii. Vianna Blanche b. 14, July 1888 m. 24, 
     July 1912 James Clifford REYNOLDS
iii. Rose Marie 5, September 1891 m. 28, 
     May 1925 Louis Julian "Dewey" BEAUDET
 iv. Bertha Adele b. 31, March 1894  m. 20, 
     September 1924 Robert Ingersoll GRACEY (See   

Related names:
Henon, Shira/Shirey, Reimel,Mohney, Wagner, Hanna,
Vanderlin, Bender, Odenwelder, Kimes, Frifugle,
Hilliard/Hilgert, Johnson, Brown.

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